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My mom works at a doctor’s office and she has told me first hand how the doctor in her office are always looking for lab coats that fell like they were custom made. I told her about this great new site I had found for my best friend. She’s also a doctor and voiced the same concerns my mom mentioned. She asked me one day to come over and help her pick out one of the women’s lab coats she had found. She wanted my opinion because she knows I blog about gifts and I have a pretty decent eye for catching product details. When I looked at these, I was really impressed. There were multiple styles and lengths, meaning that variety was pretty abundant. They had this fabric which resists wrinkles, so the doctor could wear it for an extended shift and the coat would look as good as it did when she put it on. They also have dual action Teflon which makes the coat more stain resistant. I looked at my friend and I told her that I didn’t see anything wrong with these coats. I even went so far to say that she would be an idiot not to get one of these. When my mom called a few weeks later, I told her the same thing. From what I’ve heard, everyone loves these new lab coats.

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  1. These are really very impressive lab coats! My sister and father are both in the medical field and when they received these last year at Christmas they were amazed at the style and fabric. They both love these coats!

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