Baby Barefoot Sandals

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So I was searching one of my favorite sites and found these adorable baby barefoot sandals. Now, unfortunately I do not have any babies left at my house, they have all grown to be eight six and three. So that only leaves me to gift these cute little sandals to my nieces and any future girl babie in my extended family. These sandals are great for babies this summer, they look like fun funky sandals with out all the bulkiness of the real thing. I used to buy the real fun shoes and sandals from the stores for my daughter when she was a baby and they would leave imprints cutting into her sensitive skin. These little barefoot sandals won’t do that. This would make a great gift for your new little one, and a great way to welcome spring time this year!!  So get your little princess a pair of these adorable sandals to match her Easter dress.

2 thoughts on “Baby Barefoot Sandals

  1. Aaaawwwhhhh!!!

    These sandals are just what I’m looking for.
    Can you tell me where or how I may acquire
    these darling little things, and do they come in different colors?

    Hopefully ,


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