Do you travel a lot? CARES Child Aviation Restraint System will keep your child safe on the go!!

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Back when my daughter was a little over a year old my husband and I made a trip to California to visit my dad. As some of you might know, traveling with a child is no easy feat. Our daughter was a trooper for having experiencing her first ever 2 1/2 hour plane ride, with no big tantrums!!!  I never wanted to be those parents on the plane when the children are crying and uncomfortable. {Although there were a couple on our plane, I totally understood!} Oh, yeah back to business, the CARES Child Aviation Restraint System came in so handy! jjj Since regular car seats can weigh a lot and are big and bulky. There was no way that my daughters regular Britax Car Seat was going to fit in the airplane seat. Not only that but I did not want to have to lug a huge car seat on to a plane and off again. Since our daughter weighed 25 pounds this restraint system fit perfect since it was designed for children weighing 22-44 pounds. This child restraint worked perfect on the airplane and she was able to have a seat of her own and still fly safely. This would be a great gift for the family that travels a lot.


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