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I have been busy with my kids, doing a little Spring Cleaning! In my house that means that every child has to try on all of their summer and spring clothes to see if they still fit! That also means that I have to endure a lot of complaining, no one ever wants to try the clothes on and no one ever wants to pack their winter clothes away. We do a lot of donating of clothes, we love to hand down to my sisters kids, and children from the church. When I start spring cleaning I like to follow a neat checklist that helps me stay on track. Once I start spring cleaning, comes long days of sorting through clothes, deep cleaning and moving furniture to clean those pesky dust bunnies from the corners and under beds. Check out the picture below of all the clothes and old toys we are donating to friends and family. 421075_10151140113799755_1149278290_nMoving furniture is a big chore, I usually end up trying to do it on my own. My husband works 10 to 12 hour days sometimes longer depending on the availability of his clients. So, most often I end up moving everything alone, let me tell you I think that I may have become a pro! By the end of my moving and sorting of clothes I am ready for some me time. So I like to make a few appointments for some massages in Huntington Beach at The Cloud Mover Day Spa, to make my aching muscles feel better! Now that is the best Spring Cleaning reward ever!



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