Looking for a great “MAN” gift, check out these Man Crates

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I seriously have never seen anything like this before. Who knew that these awesome Man Crates even existed?? I think this has been the best thing ever to find for my husband. You know what drives me crazy? When you ask your husband what he wants for his birthday or Father’s Day and he doesn’t really give you an answer. My husband is super hard to shop for, so are most men I know… With that said I can hardly wait for my husbands birthday to come back around.


The Man Crates are filled with a variety of different things. One of the Man Crates is a Spicy JerkyGram, the details are: Even though jerky is widely recognized as the Michael Jordan of foods, some guys still want more. Yeah, we know your type.  Discontent with the sweeter things in life, you guys want to feel the heat of habaneros, jalapenos and other tongue-searing, perspiration-inducing flavor bullets dance on your not-so-delicate palates. Fortunately, the Spicy Jerkygram is just the thing to keep you gastro daredevils happily on fire. Sounds yummy right?? I know my husband would love this Spicy Jerkygram for him Birthday!!  Oder yours today!! What a great gift idea for those who are so hard to buy for!!




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