Thinking Spring, even in the snow!!

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I am stuck in my house today, school was called off due to the snow storm that dropped anywhere from 6-12 inches of snow across our state. The kids have been playing Wii and reading books, while I have been trying to find some summer inspired clothes and shoes. I thought that Spring had Sprung, I guess mother nature may be a little confused. We all were getting used to the weather warming up, the grass getting greener and the lawn drying up.


Unfortunately today we had to plow, heavy wet snow… Our chickens would not even come out of the chicken coop, since the ground was covered with snow, they all decided to stay in. When we all returned inside from doing chores this morning, I was on the hunt for a great pair of sandals. I know there may be some snow on the ground but I really am excited for warmer weather. I found this great pair Beach Gladiator Sandals, and they are only $8 right now!! I had to snatch up a pair, even if there is snow on the ground I look forward to wearing these when the weather warms up.


Great Camping Storage Ideas

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As summer approaches, we are threatened by the weather bringing two rounds of snow. All we want to do is get the camper out of the shed, and start making plans for our summer trips. We love to go camping and love to all be together. I was on Pinterest and found this picture and a brief description of what was happening. If you see the picture below, they have used the three drawer storage system. Every member of the family has a drawer or two to store their clothes.


I think that this is a great idea, we take our pick up that has a topper when we haul our camper. This set up would be perfect, we can haul them easily to the camp site under a topper, and then once we get to the camp ground we can easily pull them out and set them in the camper on the counter or even on the floor. This is a great way to avoid digging threw bags and suitcases.  I love the idea! I can’t wait for spring and summer!!! This would be a great way to haul dry goods camping, kitchen supplies, as well as dishes. If you enjoy tenting this would also be extremely useful, keeping the inside of your tent well organized!

My daughter is obsessed with headbands~

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One of the best things that was ever invented, that is of course if you have long hair, is headbands. We love our headbands in our house, and my daughter is a little obsessed with headbands. My daughter wanted bangs not that long ago and decided she wanted me to cut her some. Well….to bad hair doesn’t come back right away, she did not like her bangs by the next day. So we invested a little money into headbands and fixed her bad decision to have bangs!  Headbands are a fun gift to give to any girl that has medium to long hair. They are so fun and bright now, big and puffy. Here is a picture of my daughter being silly in the car with her headband.



My niece Chloe, is a huge fan of headbands, the bigger the better! I had gone shopping at Herberger’s and found her a couple headbands that had been fifty dollars, they were very similar to the ones pictured below. I picked them up for four dollars a piece, I got one black and one hot pink. I tried looking for her picture, however I could not find it any where. She was so happy to have headbands for her birthday! 608974

Keurig Spill-and-Leak Proof Autoseal Travel Mug

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Helllloooooo Awesome coffee mug!!! I just found the best coffee mug I could ever dream of. Yes, Keurig has done it again with a Spill and Leak Proof Autoseal Travel Mug, Eeekkkk I am so darn excited I can hardly type!!  I am always on the go with three kids, and dance practice and TaeKwonDo class that I am always trying to find a mug that will hold up to my activeness! {not sure if that word makes any sense, but gosh darn it I like it!!}


I hate getting into the truck, and get going down the road and the coffee comes out the top of the sipping hole. Coffee spills out and gets sticky! My husband and I both love our coffee and he is always leaving the house in the morning with a full mug of coffee. Sometimes spilling part of it before even walking out of the house. This would make the best Mother’s Day gift, for my self, and a great Father’s Day gift for him! I wonder if it is against the rules to buy myself my own gift?? This travel mug would be great for coffee or whatever drink you prefer!! I can’t wait to get mine! How about you? Do you drink coffee in the morning?

Beer of the Month Club – 3 Months with Free Shipping

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Could this possibly be the best gift I ever bought my husband? I think YES!!! I would be the best wife ever if I got this for my hubby! This beer of the month club would be the most perfect gift for any beer lover in your life! It just so happens that that would be my husband. With the beer of the month club each month they will deliver 12 full-sized bottles of hard-to-find, specialty microbrews from award-winning, regional breweries across the country.


Each shipment will include four different varieties of premium, hand-crafted beer carefully selected by our experts and brewed in limited quantities by master brewers nationwide. Ok now that I have your attention, can we say Great Gift Idea??  They sample hundreds of microbrewed beers every year and only the best-of-the-best become selections for the Beer of the Month Club. Maybe you want longer than three months, they also offer 6, and 12-month clubs and a Beer of the Season Club with new selections each spring, summer, fall and winter. Hello, I may receive the Best Wife of the Year award with this one!! I know several family members both men and women that would think this is awesome!!!