My daughter is obsessed with headbands~

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One of the best things that was ever invented, that is of course if you have long hair, is headbands. We love our headbands in our house, and my daughter is a little obsessed with headbands. My daughter wanted bangs not that long ago and decided she wanted me to cut her some. Well….to bad hair doesn’t come back right away, she did not like her bangs by the next day. So we invested a little money into headbands and fixed her bad decision to have bangs!  Headbands are a fun gift to give to any girl that has medium to long hair. They are so fun and bright now, big and puffy. Here is a picture of my daughter being silly in the car with her headband.



My niece Chloe, is a huge fan of headbands, the bigger the better! I had gone shopping at Herberger’s and found her a couple headbands that had been fifty dollars, they were very similar to the ones pictured below. I picked them up for four dollars a piece, I got one black and one hot pink. I tried looking for her picture, however I could not find it any where. She was so happy to have headbands for her birthday! 608974

Keurig Spill-and-Leak Proof Autoseal Travel Mug

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Helllloooooo Awesome coffee mug!!! I just found the best coffee mug I could ever dream of. Yes, Keurig has done it again with a Spill and Leak Proof Autoseal Travel Mug, Eeekkkk I am so darn excited I can hardly type!!  I am always on the go with three kids, and dance practice and TaeKwonDo class that I am always trying to find a mug that will hold up to my activeness! {not sure if that word makes any sense, but gosh darn it I like it!!}


I hate getting into the truck, and get going down the road and the coffee comes out the top of the sipping hole. Coffee spills out and gets sticky! My husband and I both love our coffee and he is always leaving the house in the morning with a full mug of coffee. Sometimes spilling part of it before even walking out of the house. This would make the best Mother’s Day gift, for my self, and a great Father’s Day gift for him! I wonder if it is against the rules to buy myself my own gift?? This travel mug would be great for coffee or whatever drink you prefer!! I can’t wait to get mine! How about you? Do you drink coffee in the morning?

Blue & Lime Peace Flower Tote

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As some of you know my mini me is nine years old, a fashionista if you will. She loves to have everything matching and just perfect. So when I found this Blue & Line Peace Flower Tote, I knew she would love it. First of all she loves peace signs, and second of all she shares my passion for purses. She loves to go shopping and loves hunting for great deals. We have taught her well on the value of the dollar and knows what she can buy and what is too much, she will rarely argue with me if I say something is too expensive, she will just say lets keep looking to find it cheaper.


Ok, I think I did pretty good with her! It is always nice to show the kids that I appreciate their hard work around the house, and helping me with chores that they would not normally be asked to do. My daughter is well deserving of this great bag, and it is a great price of only $8.99. The bag is a perfect size for her measuring only 8” W x 8” H x 2” D and has an adjustable shoulder strap. This will be the perfect garage sale purse for her this summer, keeping her hand free. Check your local Craigslist for a listing of garage sales in your area. We love finding bargains!

Anyone Turning 18?

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We have all been there, walking around a store aimlessly trying to find that most perfect gift for your special someone, only to come up with nothing. Turning 18 is such a huge milestone in your life, you can vote, you can gamble and more. What do you get someone that is turning 18?  Your still not sure, so you try another store, you ask questions, and all you get is “I don’t know”. It is frustrating to say the least, you want to perfect the art of finding a gift that will really put a smile on their face when they open it.

I remember when my sister turned 18 my aunt Tasha {who is extremely crafty, and gives the best gifts EVER} gave my sister a bucket, and quarters, and a date to join her at the Casino closest to where we live. How easy, you can really use any basket or bucket you want, found this one, pictured below on Etsy.



Now, my Nana, loves to go to the Casino’s and always wears Gold Shoes, Gold Socks and mainly anything gold, and always wins! Maybe I need to start wearing gold when I go to the Casino!



Yes, these shoes are just like the ones that my Nana has!!! Love her!!

Best of luck at the Casino, Hope you win BIG!!!



Fatheads, every sports fan will love them!!

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juniorsLast night my husband and I were trying to search the internet to try and find some flooring for our home. While searching for flooring, he had a great idea {weird he had a good idea, that I actually agreed with} anyway, we thought about doing a sports themed bedroom for my 7 year old son Coleton. He is a huge fan of sports, from baseball to hockey, football and basketball. We headed over to Fatheads on line and started checking things out. We talked about putting new carpet in his room, and adding a sports themed carpet as well. We did void that idea and decided to go with sports rugs instead, which makes the make-over much cheaper.

room_with_badge (1)


Coleton is a huge fan of sports and can name players and stats like he has been watching sports for thirty years or more. When he gets home from school he is always asking what sports game is on that night and if he can watch it. Of course he can watch the sports, after the home work and reading are done. When the games run late and past his bedtime, it is always nice that we are able to hit record and T-Vo it. He saves it to watch the next day when he gets home from school.

room_with_badge (2)room_with_badge

As soon as we get the details lined up for his room make over I am hoping to enlist the help of my in laws {who live only five miles away to take Coleton for the weekend. That way he can be totally surprised when he comes home. His room right now is an under the sea theme, which me and my sister Mollie painted back almost nine years ago. I think he is ready for it to be gone since he has covered up most of the underwater fish with sports posters and life like posters! I am really excited!

s_280_neworleanssaintsfieldc1060 s_280_nfl_spirit_977