Do you have a baby girl? Diaper Cover Bloomer Set, makes beautiful photos of baby.

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Oh my gosh, I am gushing over the cuteness of this adorable baby. Do you have a baby girl or know someone who just had a baby girl? This cute Diaper Cover Bloomer Set is so stinking cute, it makes me wish my nine year old daughter was that age again! {notice I didn’t say “makes me wish I was pregnant!!” there is a running bet in my family I will have another, so I didn’t want to jinx myself!} This amazing picture was taken by Jennifer Snook Photography, who did a wonderful job capturing the beauty of this adorable child wearing the diaper cover bloomer set.


Back when my first child was a baby, they did not take too many pictures like this. I wish they would have, I would have had them done. Photo sessions like the one in this picture is really popular now and everyone seems to be having their pictures of their newborns taken. I love  to take pictures so, since I didn’t have this option with my oldest I made up for it taking about 500 pictures a month!! Yikes….is that alot? I love having pictures in photo albums and just the other day I found myself and my kids paging through the pictures talking about them. Pictures are so much fun to have, my kids love looking at their old pictures. How many photo albums do you have filled with pictures? I have about 25-30 albums, and yes we are always looking at them.

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This is part of my photo album stash!!!

Infantino Infinity Baby Carrier

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81azD4lZMxL._SL1500_I wanted to share one of my most favorite baby gifts I received when I was having my first child. This Infantino Infinity Baby Carrier was the best gift I ever received. My first child was a fussy one, having major acid reflux she needed to stay propped up most of the time to keep her from getting sick. Plus she loved to be held or wrapped tightly and kept warm.


The Infinity lets you flip it, backpack it, front pack it or park it. Meaning you can have the baby face in, have the baby face out, or have the baby ride backpack style. This is a super flexible carrier that doubles as a cushy cart and chair seat.


When I got this I was able to do anything I wanted with my daughter right on me. She was comfortable and cozy and rarely made a peep while she was inside. This is the best thing that I have ever had because it made getting my work done around the house so easy. When ever I went shopping I took this baby carrier with so that I could keep her close and keep all of the cart space free from carseats.


My daughter liked to stay moving so, when it was time to go for our daily walk I would get the carrier back out and get her in it and there was no need to push a stroller. The carrier has a built in hood that protects your baby from sun and rain. The baby carrier can hold babies up to 26 pounds, with dual adjustable side openings that make it easy to get your child in and out.



Make sure when you are invited to the next Baby Shower, or are in need of a baby gift, to add this Infantino Infinity Baby Carrier to your gift list. The mom and the baby will be happy you did!!

Do you travel a lot? CARES Child Aviation Restraint System will keep your child safe on the go!!

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Back when my daughter was a little over a year old my husband and I made a trip to California to visit my dad. As some of you might know, traveling with a child is no easy feat. Our daughter was a trooper for having experiencing her first ever 2 1/2 hour plane ride, with no big tantrums!!!  I never wanted to be those parents on the plane when the children are crying and uncomfortable. {Although there were a couple on our plane, I totally understood!} Oh, yeah back to business, the CARES Child Aviation Restraint System came in so handy! jjj Since regular car seats can weigh a lot and are big and bulky. There was no way that my daughters regular Britax Car Seat was going to fit in the airplane seat. Not only that but I did not want to have to lug a huge car seat on to a plane and off again. Since our daughter weighed 25 pounds this restraint system fit perfect since it was designed for children weighing 22-44 pounds. This child restraint worked perfect on the airplane and she was able to have a seat of her own and still fly safely. This would be a great gift for the family that travels a lot.


Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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Have you recently been invited to a Baby Shower and have no idea what to buy? Here are a few of my favorite gift ideas from when had my babies. The Chicco Green Lullaby LX Playard happens to be one of the best gifts that I received. My husband and I are avid campers and we loved to be able to take this playard with us when we went camping. The playard provided a great safe place for our baby to be and stay clean and out of trouble. This playard has many features that include a Removable Toy Bar, Removable Bassinet, Detachable Toy Bar, Removable Changing Station, Travel Bag, Removeable Mobile, and Cubby Organizer.


Another one of my most favorite things is the Just One You by Carters® Newborn 3-Pack Long-Sleeve Bodysuit. I loved these for my three kids, all born in the late fall. These are great for bed times, under t-shirts, or under clothes on colder days. These are great to keep your little nugget warm during naps and bedtime. They are comfortable and soft and are easy to maneuver when changing diapers. If you don’t like the plain white and want to add some fun to the bodysuit, try to decorate with some fun fabric cut out in your child’s first initial and sew it on. If you are not comfortable picking out gifts for baby showers, buy diapers and wipes, or opt for a gift card!! If you or someone you know is having a baby soon, let them know that you can head to Target and register for your baby gifts.




Camouflage Duck Dynasty Hey Onesie with Orange Duck Leg Warmers

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Oh boy, how do I not buy this for my godchild that is expected to arrive in just a couple weeks. Two of our good friends are expecting their first child, and they have asked my husband and I to be the God Parents. We both are excited, but especially me because I love to shop for fun gifts! This Camouflage Duck Dynasty “Hey” Onesie with Orange Duck Leg Warmers are so darn cute, I can hardly contain myself. Our friends are avid hunters and of course they are expecting a BOY!!!!


This camouflage onsie is so adorable and the combination with the leg warmers would make an adorable outfit for a photo shoot. This will make a great Baby Shower gift for the new little baby, coming soon!! This would also make a cute gift to give to the expectant father who knows he is having a boy. Daddy and baby pictures can be taken when daddy is wearing his camouflage too. EEK I am squealing in excitement over this adorable outfit!