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I have been busy with my kids, doing a little Spring Cleaning! In my house that means that every child has to try on all of their summer and spring clothes to see if they still fit! That also means that I have to endure a lot of complaining, no one ever wants to try the clothes on and no one ever wants to pack their winter clothes away. We do a lot of donating of clothes, we love to hand down to my sisters kids, and children from the church. When I start spring cleaning I like to follow a neat checklist that helps me stay on track. Once I start spring cleaning, comes long days of sorting through clothes, deep cleaning and moving furniture to clean those pesky dust bunnies from the corners and under beds. Check out the picture below of all the clothes and old toys we are donating to friends and family. 421075_10151140113799755_1149278290_nMoving furniture is a big chore, I usually end up trying to do it on my own. My husband works 10 to 12 hour days sometimes longer depending on the availability of his clients. So, most often I end up moving everything alone, let me tell you I think that I may have become a pro! By the end of my moving and sorting of clothes I am ready for some me time. So I like to make a few appointments for some massages in Huntington Beach at The Cloud Mover Day Spa, to make my aching muscles feel better! Now that is the best Spring Cleaning reward ever!



If Your Looking For the best Body Wraps, Orange County Has Them

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Spring time means it’s time to put the work out clothes back on. Swimsuit season is almost here and tank tops are all over stores now. People will be wanting to slim down and look their best. It is truly much easier to hide a couple extra pounds with sweaters and pants but when temperatures rise those clothes give your attempts to camouflage away.  For a jump start on weight loss your local spa will have some body treatments that can help with the first few inches.


I have had body wraps and treatments at several salons and spas when I travel. Last time I was in Huntington beach I had the best body wrap. No doubt about it, for the best body wraps Orange County can’t be beat. After leaving the spa I felt a little more room to breath in my clothes. A few hours later after relaxing and drinking plenty of water I could tell a greater difference. Now there are some things to keep in mind when getting body treatments, first of all, don’t expect a miracle. Real lasting results come from hard work and a sensible diet. That said if a boost in confidence and results is what you are after body wraps and treatments are the way to go. There is nothing like a little instant gratification to keep momentum going.


Girly Fun!! Duochrome Nail Polish by Indigo Bananas

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Girls love nail polish, my daughter is no exception. My daughter Michaela has been a huge fan of nail polish ever since I can remember. As a little girl we would have mommy daughter dates and would go in to the local cosmetology training center and have manicures and pedicures, and get our nails painted. This dou-chrome nail polish by Indigo Bananas is a supper fun color, that would be a great addition to our ever growing collection of nail polishes.


Nail polish is a great gift in our house, for birthdays as well as filling the Christmas Stocking, party favors and more. My daughter is always changing her nail polish and often times will have five different colors on at one time.  She loves to sit and play beauty shop, when her friend Aly comes over they turn my bathroom into the beauty shop and post a sign on the door. When the girls decide to play beauty shop, I always have to stock up on nail polish remover from the Dollar Tree. I have posted a picture of their sign they hang on the bathroom door below. Do you have kids that play store or beauty shop?

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Protect your undergarments with a Bra & Underwear Lingerie Travel Case

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I have never heard of such a thing before, and quite frankly I giggled really loud and than sent the link to my sister who would love this. Who would have thought that there would be a protective case for your undergarments? This Bra & Underwear Lingerie Travel Case is pretty neat!  For pete’s sake we spend enough money on our undergarments that I guess we should have a travel case for them so that they do not get wrecked or twisted. I have to admit that I kinda fell in love with the lingerie travel case and I am awaiting it’s arrival!!! I am kinda excited, like a kid at Christmas.


However, I don’t do much traveling besides camping and a few hotel stays with the family throughout the year, I am not sure this qualifies as suitable for camping. But what the heck, it sure is cure. This would make a fun gift to give your bridesmaids for your wedding, or even a girlfriend gift. I know for the price of bra’s these days they do need there own safe just to keep them from not getting ruined. I hand wash all of my bra’s and hang them on a drying rack that I got from my local Walmart store. I am interested to know, would you use this bra and lingerie travel case?


Treat Yourself to a Day Spa

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Have you ever treated yourself by going to a Day Spa? Head on over to Huntington Beach and visit Cloud Mover Day Spa to be pampered like a queen or king.  CloudMover Day Spa offers all of their clients quality products and services by their licensed insured providers. Some of their amazing services include licensed massage therapy, Oxygen Facials, Fruit Acid or Jessner/PCA Peels, body treatments, skin care, waxing, brow and lash tinting, Xtreme eyelash extensions as well as a variety of signature services.


Plan a Day Spa trip with your spouse and you will enjoy the Couple’s Room and Quiet room at the new location. Clients may select add-on services such as extended scalp, hand, or foot therapy, Infrared Sauna and many more. The HB Hot Stone Massage happens to be my personal favorite.  The warm river stones are utilized in conjunction with Hawaiian Lomi Lomi techniques to create the ultimate relaxing, detoxifying, rejuvenating experience!  The warm stones penetrate deep into your sore muscles to aid in the relief of muscle tension, and increase blood flow. This is the best massage to get after a hard workout at the gym!  I highly recommend the 90 min session for maximum benefits. Plan your trip to Huntington Beach Day Spa today.