Great Camping Storage Ideas

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As summer approaches, we are threatened by the weather bringing two rounds of snow. All we want to do is get the camper out of the shed, and start making plans for our summer trips. We love to go camping and love to all be together. I was on Pinterest and found this picture and a brief description of what was happening. If you see the picture below, they have used the three drawer storage system. Every member of the family has a drawer or two to store their clothes.


I think that this is a great idea, we take our pick up that has a topper when we haul our camper. This set up would be perfect, we can haul them easily to the camp site under a topper, and then once we get to the camp ground we can easily pull them out and set them in the camper on the counter or even on the floor. This is a great way to avoid digging threw bags and suitcases.  I love the idea! I can’t wait for spring and summer!!! This would be a great way to haul dry goods camping, kitchen supplies, as well as dishes. If you enjoy tenting this would also be extremely useful, keeping the inside of your tent well organized!

Do you love the outdoors? Keep water cold for 24 hours!!

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Ok, I have to admit that when I go camping or hiking I like to have cold refreshing water to drink. Right? Who doesn’t? This S’Well Matte Collection Bottle will do just that, keep your water cold for 24 hours and will also keep your beverages hot for 12 hours. This bottle is a great investment to get one for each of my family members, since we are very active outdoors camping, hiking, boating, and even outdoors hunting for long periods of time. We love being outdoors, but one of my biggest pet peeves is drinking warm water. There is just something about drinking nice cold water after a long hike that makes your body feel refreshed and ready to hike out.

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This S’Well Bottle doesn’t just have to carry water, do you have some other liquids you would carry in the bottle? Going on a picnic or family reunion? Headed to a house warming party and want to keep your wine cold without carrying a cooler? This bottle will keep your beverages cold!  I love the bottle because my family could seriously use this year round! How about you and your family? Where would you use the bottle?