My daughter is obsessed with headbands~

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One of the best things that was ever invented, that is of course if you have long hair, is headbands. We love our headbands in our house, and my daughter is a little obsessed with headbands. My daughter wanted bangs not that long ago and decided she wanted me to cut her some. Well….to bad hair doesn’t come back right away, she did not like her bangs by the next day. So we invested a little money into headbands and fixed her bad decision to have bangs!  Headbands are a fun gift to give to any girl that has medium to long hair. They are so fun and bright now, big and puffy. Here is a picture of my daughter being silly in the car with her headband.



My niece Chloe, is a huge fan of headbands, the bigger the better! I had gone shopping at Herberger’s and found her a couple headbands that had been fifty dollars, they were very similar to the ones pictured below. I picked them up for four dollars a piece, I got one black and one hot pink. I tried looking for her picture, however I could not find it any where. She was so happy to have headbands for her birthday! 608974

Duck Dynasty Shirts

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unnamed (1)With the Season 3 of Duck Dynasty fast approaching, my house is going crazy! Everyone in camoflauge, saying ” Happy Happy Happy”. It is crazy  around here, my boys are yelling  “Yep” and talking like as Robertson. We have Direct Tv and all of the episodes of Duck Dynasty have been recorded and all of my boys have watched Duck Dynasty over and over again. My family is huge into hunting and we are huge into using what God has created. It is the natural thing,  we thank God for the things he provides us and we hunt a lot of different animals. unnamed My sons and my husband along with myself and my daughter love to sit around the living room turn on Ducky Dynasty and enjoy a night with popcorn and pop.  My husband and the boys have been begging for Duck Dynasty Shirts, I found some that they will enjoy, now I just need to get some in kid sizes.  These will be perfect birthday presents and Father’s Day gifts for the boys this year. Do you have a favorite thing to watch on tv that your family? Share your story with me! It is a good thing we just bought a big flat screen Tv from Best Buy last fall, for some reason it looks way better on a flat screen.


Here are two of the boys, goose hunting! Getting their Duck Dynasty on!!






Junior Plus Size Dresses For Any Occasion

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yhst-81261434853532_2250_2100702No matter what your body type is you should always be offered beautiful styles. Check out the beautiful selection of junior plus size dresses for any occasion at Pacific Plex. Whether you are headed to your schools prom, winter formal, an evening out to a black tie event Pacific Plex has junior plus size dresses up to size 3X. Every girl wants to feel special in an amazing dress, what is your favorite color? I am sure that Pacific Plex has the color that you are looking for.


Dresses come in every color in the rainbow, fitted, and full puffy dresses. Some dresses come with beautiful beads or big bright rhinestones.  It does not matter what your body type is, finding a dress that will fit your type is easy. Dresses that are slimming, fitted, comfortable and classy will turn heads at your event. Dress up your look with some great jewelry, and don’t forget the heels!!


Set of 5 Eco-Friendly 100% Wool Dryer Balls

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Over the last couple years, as a household we have slowing transitioned to Eco-Friendly products. Here is a great Set of 5 Eco-Friendly 100% Wool Dryer Balls, they make great hostess or house warming gifts. Have you never heard of Dryer Balls before? Let me fill you in, I love them!!! Ok, so instead of adding chemicals into your laundry by using dryer sheets, you use these all natural wool dryer balls in the dryer. By using the wool dryer balls in your dryer you will soften and fluff your clothes. The best part is that they will last for years. il_570xN.350761339 The dryer balls are a little bigger than the size of a tennis ball after the felting process is complete. The tennis ball in the picture is to show the size comparison. Each of these balls weighs about 1.5 oz. If you want more fluff and lifting of your towels and clothes than you will want to go with a heavier ball. I noticed that you save a lot on drying time by using the wool dryer balls. Just toss the dryer balls into the dryer with your laundry and they bounce around to lift and separate clothes, softening and reducing static cling. We used them for our cloth diapers for our last child and they worked awesome!!  The best part is that you spend $15 and they last for years, you buy dryer sheets at just under $10 for 80 loads and you have to keep buying them all year long.

Ear Warmer Headband with iPhone iPod Speaker

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Is the weather cold where you live? Are you on the go constantly? Maybe you are an outdoor runner or enthusiast? This Ear Warmer Headband with iPhone iPod Speaker built in is great for people who usually wear head gear to stay warm while outside. Now they can stay warm and listen to the music all at the same time. This is a totally cool and super cute but it also provides total comfort and keeps your ears warm while you play your favorite tunes on your way to work, running errands, or during your favorite sports activities such as: biking, jogging, walking, etc.


You can look good, stay warm and still listen to your music. Connect this fashionable ear warmer headband to any device with a 3.5 mm audio output, which includes such tech gadgets as the iPhone, iPad, iPod, cell phones, mp3 and mp4 players, Sony PSP, Nintendo DSi, Dingoo A330, and many more. This is a great gift for the tech lover in your life.