My daughter is obsessed with headbands~

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One of the best things that was ever invented, that is of course if you have long hair, is headbands. We love our headbands in our house, and my daughter is a little obsessed with headbands. My daughter wanted bangs not that long ago and decided she wanted me to cut her some. Well….to bad hair doesn’t come back right away, she did not like her bangs by the next day. So we invested a little money into headbands and fixed her bad decision to have bangs!  Headbands are a fun gift to give to any girl that has medium to long hair. They are so fun and bright now, big and puffy. Here is a picture of my daughter being silly in the car with her headband.



My niece Chloe, is a huge fan of headbands, the bigger the better! I had gone shopping at Herberger’s and found her a couple headbands that had been fifty dollars, they were very similar to the ones pictured below. I picked them up for four dollars a piece, I got one black and one hot pink. I tried looking for her picture, however I could not find it any where. She was so happy to have headbands for her birthday! 608974

Sports Trading Cards, for the boys on your shopping list

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Have you ever run out of ideas on what to get the men in your life? I mean how can you really go wrong with sports trading cards? Men and boys of all ages will enjoy getting sports trading cards. With Easter right around the corner you can fill your child’s Easter basket with a variety of sports trading cards from DSC Sports Cards. With three men/boy in the house these sports trading cards are always on my shopping list. They make great reward gifts for my kids that have achieved something threw school.


We have a reward system in our home, meaning in order to earn your reward you have to do something above and beyond your normal chores. My seven year old for instance is in Taekwondo and will receive a reward for achieving his next belt, and completing ten random acts of kindness. With my son in Taekwondo and my daughter in dance we will reward them for staying committed and going and giving it 100% during their classes. Sports trading cards are a huge deal in my house with the boys constantly trading cards and making up fun games to play with the cards.


My husband has been a sports card collector since he was a young child and has shared that passion with our boys. They each have there own sports card binders that hold all of there cards. Don’t forget to add sports trading cards to your shopping list for the men in your life.


Custom Personalized Photo Senior Yearbook Page

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Do you have a Senior that is graduating this year? This Custom Personalized Photo Senior Yearbook photo page is a great way to scrap book your child’s Senior year of high school. A custom high-resolution digital yearbook page is completely personalized for you and your senior.  The Custom Personalized Photo Senior Yearbook Page is created with a custom layout that will make a very personal page for your senior’s yearbook. You will need to send some pictures of their life or pictures from their Senior year. A custom page will than be created and a page memory will be made that will last a lifetime. il_570xN.221911316 This will come to you in jpg file that you can email directly to the yearbook creator. You can also print this out at home or place on a thumb drive and take to your favorite print service company for a hard copy. Print it out as big as needed for the Graduation Party. After the payment is received the seller will contact you via email to start your photo creation. The uniqueness is that this page is created from scratch so there will be a lot of emailing needed for your input of favorite colors, style and wording you would like to say to or about your child. This is a great graduation gift for your graduating senior.

Puzzles Make Great Gifts

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In my house, we are huge fans of puzzles. Since November we have put together five puzzles that were 500 pieces or bigger. Puzzles are great to give to anyone from age two to one hundred and two. We are lucky in this house everyone loves to get a puzzle as a gift. I don’t think that you can ever go wrong giving a puzzle.  Puzzles are great past time memory I have growing up. My mom always had a puzzle on the card table and I was always helping with it.


We had to frequent hospitals a lot with my younger brother. I always remember the hospital being so big that they would have a couple tables set up with puzzles on them.  Puzzles come in all forms now, form wooden ones for children to several thousand piece puzzles for the adventurous puzzles enthusiast. We have a puzzle that we had finished that we loved so much that we used puzzle glue and than framed it! I love this puzzle not because of the beer bottles but because of its unique design, there are a lot of things going on making it a challenge!!

Fun Collectible Football Cards

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My seven year old has been showing us his increasing love for sports. During football season he can be found with his father on the couch watching every game! He is quickly remembering all the names and numbers of the players from his favorite teams. For Christmas he was giving a jersey and tickets to a game to watch our states team. So for Christmas we decided to start him his own collection of football cards, {since dads are off limits to him, with too many good collectibles}. He was happy as a clam, he loves to go through the cards almost daily. It always seems like he is learning new information every time he picks a card up.


The 2012 Panini Elite Football Cards Hobby Box, is a great way to get your child or young adult started on his or her own collection. You will receive 24 packs per box 5 cards per pack. That is a great start for anyone’s starter collection. My son was thrilled, as would anybody opening this as there gift.