Thinking Spring, even in the snow!!

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I am stuck in my house today, school was called off due to the snow storm that dropped anywhere from 6-12 inches of snow across our state. The kids have been playing Wii and reading books, while I have been trying to find some summer inspired clothes and shoes. I thought that Spring had Sprung, I guess mother nature may be a little confused. We all were getting used to the weather warming up, the grass getting greener and the lawn drying up.


Unfortunately today we had to plow, heavy wet snow… Our chickens would not even come out of the chicken coop, since the ground was covered with snow, they all decided to stay in. When we all returned inside from doing chores this morning, I was on the hunt for a great pair of sandals. I know there may be some snow on the ground but I really am excited for warmer weather. I found this great pair Beach Gladiator Sandals, and they are only $8 right now!! I had to snatch up a pair, even if there is snow on the ground I look forward to wearing these when the weather warms up.


Blue & Lime Peace Flower Tote

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As some of you know my mini me is nine years old, a fashionista if you will. She loves to have everything matching and just perfect. So when I found this Blue & Line Peace Flower Tote, I knew she would love it. First of all she loves peace signs, and second of all she shares my passion for purses. She loves to go shopping and loves hunting for great deals. We have taught her well on the value of the dollar and knows what she can buy and what is too much, she will rarely argue with me if I say something is too expensive, she will just say lets keep looking to find it cheaper.


Ok, I think I did pretty good with her! It is always nice to show the kids that I appreciate their hard work around the house, and helping me with chores that they would not normally be asked to do. My daughter is well deserving of this great bag, and it is a great price of only $8.99. The bag is a perfect size for her measuring only 8” W x 8” H x 2” D and has an adjustable shoulder strap. This will be the perfect garage sale purse for her this summer, keeping her hand free. Check your local Craigslist for a listing of garage sales in your area. We love finding bargains!

Cinda B Handbags for the Fashionistas

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NEW! - Ravina Black Super Tote III think we all know those people, girls especially, that seem to have everything! Today is one of my best girlfriend’s birthday and I still haven’t gotten her anything :/ She is one of those people that has everything and I’m really beginning to over think what to get her. I know she will be happy with anything that I give her but I like giving things I know the gift receiver will love. She is really big into fashion, accessories and all things girly. I figured it would be “safe” to get her a handbag, because what girl doesn’t love handbags?!

Although I wish I could give Lindsay a designer handbag, I know that I can’t afford to (wish I was). However, I have found a really cute handbag that is similar to the designer Vera Bradely. Lindsay just got a “big girl job” so I thought it would be great to get her a tote she can use as a “work bag”. With such a large selection of Cinda B handbags I had a hard time choosing, they are all cute! After about an hour of debating I decided on this one. I’m giving it to her tomorrow and am really excited to see the look on her face! Gosh I love giving gifts :)

Embroidery Initial Necklace

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Check out these fun Embroidery Initial Necklace’s I found listed on Etsy. I love doing a lot of my shopping on on-line, especially on Etsy. There are several items that are amazing and it is always nice to give small businesses my business. I love to search for fun unique gifts and absolutely love these embroidery necklaces. With only a couple months left of school, I like to start looking for gifts for my kids’ teachers. Our teachers spend 75% of  the day with our kids, so it is always very important to me to show my appreciation to them in a nice gift.


Necklaces are always fun to wear and accessorize any outfit with. I love the look of these beautiful hand embroidery initial necklaces. The oval pendents measure about two inches long by one inch wide. The circular pendents measure 1 3/4 inches from top of the loop to the bottom of the circle, and measures 1 1/4 inches wide, with the necklace chain measuring 18 inches with a small clasp closure. Necklaces make great gifts for birthday’s, anniversary’s, for your wife, mother or sister, and grandma, teachers, and friends. Who would you give a necklace too?

Beautiful Waxing Poetic Bracelets

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I love to give gifts to teachers, things that they would not normally get. I found these beautiful Waxing Poetic Bracelets and I am having a hard time deciding which one to get. Every day I pick my three kids up from school and every day I try to evaluate my children’s teachers. I like to look at things that they wear frequently and watch the colors they wear. I really try to put a lot of thought into each teachers gift, that is why I am planning for the end of school already. I found these beautiful Waxing Poetic Bracelets, from cuffs to beautiful strand bracelets, braided leather bracelets, bangle bracelets, and rosary bracelets.


My most favorite bracelet is the Love Camp Bracelet. Each camp bracelet is based on a classic woven bracelet design, and studded with a brass or silver accent charm. The best part is that you get to choose your charm from an assortment of 14 words and symbols. The bracelet is made of cotton cord macrame, has beautiful wood bead accents with a toggle closure and will adjust to fit up to an 8″ wrist. This will make the perfect gift for my son’s teacher.