Keurig Spill-and-Leak Proof Autoseal Travel Mug

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Helllloooooo Awesome coffee mug!!! I just found the best coffee mug I could ever dream of. Yes, Keurig has done it again with a Spill and Leak Proof Autoseal Travel Mug, Eeekkkk I am so darn excited I can hardly type!!  I am always on the go with three kids, and dance practice and TaeKwonDo class that I am always trying to find a mug that will hold up to my activeness! {not sure if that word makes any sense, but gosh darn it I like it!!}


I hate getting into the truck, and get going down the road and the coffee comes out the top of the sipping hole. Coffee spills out and gets sticky! My husband and I both love our coffee and he is always leaving the house in the morning with a full mug of coffee. Sometimes spilling part of it before even walking out of the house. This would make the best Mother’s Day gift, for my self, and a great Father’s Day gift for him! I wonder if it is against the rules to buy myself my own gift?? This travel mug would be great for coffee or whatever drink you prefer!! I can’t wait to get mine! How about you? Do you drink coffee in the morning?

Blue & Lime Peace Flower Tote

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As some of you know my mini me is nine years old, a fashionista if you will. She loves to have everything matching and just perfect. So when I found this Blue & Line Peace Flower Tote, I knew she would love it. First of all she loves peace signs, and second of all she shares my passion for purses. She loves to go shopping and loves hunting for great deals. We have taught her well on the value of the dollar and knows what she can buy and what is too much, she will rarely argue with me if I say something is too expensive, she will just say lets keep looking to find it cheaper.


Ok, I think I did pretty good with her! It is always nice to show the kids that I appreciate their hard work around the house, and helping me with chores that they would not normally be asked to do. My daughter is well deserving of this great bag, and it is a great price of only $8.99. The bag is a perfect size for her measuring only 8” W x 8” H x 2” D and has an adjustable shoulder strap. This will be the perfect garage sale purse for her this summer, keeping her hand free. Check your local Craigslist for a listing of garage sales in your area. We love finding bargains!

Go on a Kayaking adventure at San Juan Island with Crystal Seas Kayaking

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images (10)I love the ocean, San Juan Island and love seeing ocean animals. The best gift ever would be able to kayak out to see these animals in there own environment. Go on a kayaking adventure at San Juan Island with Crystal Seas Kayaking. You can take a three hour kayaking tour, that is great for people of any skill level. You can relax while enjoying the scenic views, interact, and have the opportunity to learn new things.

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Why not make a day of it and kayak on a full day tour. A full day tour is also great for all skill levels. I seriously would choose the full day tour, because personally three hours would not be enough for me! I love the outdoors, the water and love to kayak. On the full day tour you will get to kayak the Federally Designated Whale Habitat. Some of the things that you could see on the day tour is Bald Eagles, Orca Whales, Sea Stars, vast beautiful beaches, lots of Kelp, and more.

bald_eagle fishing

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This kayaking adventure would make a great gift for a wedding. The bride and groom would have a blast. I would buy this as an anniversary gift for me and my husband. Let your adventure start now, need help booking your adventure, use for your hotel, flights and many other things that will help make your vacation a success!

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Rocky Mountain Balloon Ride

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I moved back from Colorado ten years ago to be closer to family. As much as I love my family and love being near them, I would love to move back to Colorado some day. I lived just at the foothills of Colorado in Ft. Collins. It was amazingly beautiful there. I was close enough to be able to do a lot of hiking around Horsetooth Reservoir, and I made weekly trips up to Estes Park to enjoy the mountain air. If you are from Colorado or the surrounding area, a Rocky Mountain Balloon Ride would be an amazing gift!


Here is a description of what you will experience while you enjoy your hot air balloon ride: description is provided by Cloud 9 Living {I seriously could not have said it any better myself}

Your true mountain balloon adventure begins at sunrise a midst the crisp clean air and deep blue skies of the South Park Valley located high in the Central Rockies.

You will take in amazing views of the Colorado Rockies as you fly from treetop level up to several thousand feet while traveling 2 to 10 miles. Our FAA certified pilots have over 60 years of combined hot air ballooning experience

During your flight you will be serenaded with classical music as your certified pilot explains the history of ballooning and points out prominent scenery.

Experience some of the highest altitude hot air ballooning in the country with a launch site at 9,000 feet above sea level. Your balloon adventure will provide you with spectacular 100 mile panoramic mountain views.

Prominent scenery may include views of the Continental Divide, Mosquito Range, Sangre De Cristo mountains, Sawatch mountains, Mt. Elbert (the highest peak in Colorado at 14,433 ft), Pikes Peak, South Park Valley, Collegiate Peaks, vast rolling hills and Colorado native wildlife.


After approximately one hour of magical flight it is time to return to the loving arms of Mother Earth.

Next, it’s time to pack up and return to the launch site for a traditional champagne toast and continental breakfast where you will be presented with a framed portrait.

Get ready for an aerial adventure you will never forget!


Now that sounds awesome, Right?? I have some friends and a cousin that lives in Colorado, this Rocky Mountain Balloon Ride will be a must do experience while in Colorado. I can’t wait, this will be a lot of fun, and the perfect gift!

Best Couple Gift Ever!!

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This happens to be one of my most favorite finds yet to date, a personalized Lovebook about you and your spouse! This is the best all around gift, great for any occasion. Tell the story of your child up until graduation, custom create with your own words. This website has a great step by step tutorial on how to create your book. This is great for Graduation, Birthday’s, Wedding’s, and much more.

With so many troops being deployed over seas, a great idea would be to create one of there Military Books. Sending your loved one a book that has a collage of pictures and stories of what the family is doing while there loved one is deployed over seas. A lot of couples miss high school graduations, sweet sixteens, births, weddings and more. Send some of your love in a book to the ones that are close to your heart. When sending overseas always head to UPS to mail all your gifts.


Create a Lovebook for your child’s teacher. Express to your child’s teacher how much what they did for them means. With school ending soon this will make a great end of the year gift. I love that you can customize it to fit your occasion. What occasion do you have coming up? Get started today and create a LoveBook.