I’m Loving Mariana Jewelry!

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The Lamp Stand-Mariana Earrings

I was super excited to come across this website called The Lamp Stand. It has a very unusual name, but I am in love with their products. They have candles, purses and bags, jewelry, lotions and soap, and home decor. This is the ULTIMATE online store for women. It’s full of products that would make great Mother’s Day gifts. It’s coming up just next month!

I’m going to get these earrings from the Mariana Jewelry line for my mom. Since summer is coming up just around the corner, I thought these fun and bright earrings would be perfect. I know she will love these. :)

Best Buys For Outdoor Exercise

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Now that Spring is upon us, it is time to leave the comfort of our homes and get outdoors. I have put together a few of our favorites that help us while we are outdoors and exercising. First is a pair of  Nike Dri-Fit Half-Cushion Crew Socks – 3 pack, wearing a good pair of socks is key when you are in the outdoors. Nike Dri Fit socks is made of fabric that will wick sweat away and keep your feet dry while exercising outside, weather you are a runner, walker of hiker. 41AiEXcQ1oL._SX385_

Nike Dri Fit Socks

Next is a great pair of Adidas Men’s Sport Performance Climalite 2-Pack Boxer Briefs, they are designed to keep you cool, dry and performing at your best, while you are in the outdoors. These boxer briefs are a lightweight soft Performance polyester fabric that is breathable with Climate for superior moisture management. They are also odor resistant to help reduce odor causing bacteria. Some things that you will not have to worry about are tags, these boxer briefs are tagless,  with a plush-soft waistband. With the smooth non-chafing stitching, double-lined mesh support pouch and no ride-up leg construction, they will fit to your body like a glove.


These will be great buys for the hubby who is starting to run outside now that the weather is getting warmer! What things does your husband like to do outside?

Peninsula Display, a useful business gift

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Giving gifts is fun. Getting gifts is fun. There are gifts that are practical, or useful gifts. Those are gifts that you know a person wants or that they could use, or that would make that persons life just a bit easier. Those gifts can make a persons life easier by easing the financial burden of buying the item or maybe they didn’t even know a certain product existed and suddenly they don’t know how they lived with out it.


Those are my favorite kinds of gifts to give. Those are also my favorite kinds of gifts to receive. My husband frequently represents his company at trade show events. When he transports and sets up the peninsula display at these events he has a difficult time loading everything on the cart. To help him out I found a cart with removable sides and a ramp. He loves it. Now this gift is two fold. Not only do I love to give useful gifts to my husband to make his life easier but I also benefit. He does not come home complaining to me anymore about the awkward cart and ramp and display. It is a win win.




Helpful Kitchen Items

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Some of the gifts I get the most use out of are gadgets for the kitchen.  As a wife and mother, kitchen gadgets are fun time saving devices that are appreciated. Granted some are silly I think. For example there is a container for every fruit and vegetable in that shape and color. I have seen containers in the shape of an onion, bell pepper, avocado, lemon, and lime. Why is this a trend? A person would have to have a lot of extra cupboard space to store all of them. I prefer stack able storage containers, also known as, space savers.

Appliances are another item that make great gifts, they can be fun colors to help coordinate the kitchen and decorate as well. Your blender can match your coffee maker and your toaster and your kitchen curtains. The whole room can be tied together this way.


New Beginnings Often Call for Gifts

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The spring season is a season of newness. New life, new growth, new beginnings, new routines. All these new things often include a reason for giving gifts. People get pets more often in the spring, babies are born or get out and about for the first time because of the warmer temps. People move more often in the spring prompting house warming gifts. There are more daylight hours so there is more outside time which can be spent playing with new toys and bikes. Graduation parties begin in the spring. The busiest season for showers is in the spring, be it a baby shower or a wedding shower the spring season is full of them.

A recent trend in the last few years are couples showers. Couples showers are held for weddings and babies. Historically showers are held for women but couples showers are being seen more often. This growing trend represents how the roles of women and men are becoming more of a collaboration. The old notion that the woman is showered with gifts to help set up her house is outdated. These days couples use most household items together because most couples are both working. So it makes sense that the couple should be kept in mind at a shower.


I have yet to receive any couples shower invitations but when I do it will be a fun event I am sure.