Cinda B Handbags for the Fashionistas

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NEW! - Ravina Black Super Tote III think we all know those people, girls especially, that seem to have everything! Today is one of my best girlfriend’s birthday and I still haven’t gotten her anything :/ She is one of those people that has everything and I’m really beginning to over think what to get her. I know she will be happy with anything that I give her but I like giving things I know the gift receiver will love. She is really big into fashion, accessories and all things girly. I figured it would be “safe” to get her a handbag, because what girl doesn’t love handbags?!

Although I wish I could give Lindsay a designer handbag, I know that I can’t afford to (wish I was). However, I have found a really cute handbag that is similar to the designer Vera Bradely. Lindsay just got a “big girl job” so I thought it would be great to get her a tote she can use as a “work bag”. With such a large selection of Cinda B handbags I had a hard time choosing, they are all cute! After about an hour of debating I decided on this one. I’m giving it to her tomorrow and am really excited to see the look on her face! Gosh I love giving gifts :)

Custom Personalized Photo Senior Yearbook Page

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Do you have a Senior that is graduating this year? This Custom Personalized Photo Senior Yearbook photo page is a great way to scrap book your child’s Senior year of high school. A custom high-resolution digital yearbook page is completely personalized for you and your senior.  The Custom Personalized Photo Senior Yearbook Page is created with a custom layout that will make a very personal page for your senior’s yearbook. You will need to send some pictures of their life or pictures from their Senior year. A custom page will than be created and a page memory will be made that will last a lifetime. il_570xN.221911316 This will come to you in jpg file that you can email directly to the yearbook creator. You can also print this out at home or place on a thumb drive and take to your favorite print service company for a hard copy. Print it out as big as needed for the Graduation Party. After the payment is received the seller will contact you via email to start your photo creation. The uniqueness is that this page is created from scratch so there will be a lot of emailing needed for your input of favorite colors, style and wording you would like to say to or about your child. This is a great graduation gift for your graduating senior.

Activated Charcoal Alpaca Felted Facial Soap

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Now this is an amazing find in my book, Activated Charcoal Alpaca Felted Facial Soap squares. These make great gifts for anyone. These are great for all skin types, but especially revolutionary for oily skin. This soap has just what your skin needs without the harmful additives. A great fact is that Activated charcoal is nature’s best adsorber: it attracts toxins (like grime) to itself and rinses away, leaving your skin pure and healthy. My skin is so sensitvie and I will be buying some of these Activated Charcoal Alpaca Felted Facial Soaps.


If you are heading to a bridal shower, or a birthday party for a friend, these make great gifts. Some of the wonderful ingredients that have been added to these felted facial soaps include:
– Goat’s Milk: rejuvenates skin cells, natural cleanser, emollient, actually “feeds” the skin                                                                                                      – Olive Oil: soothes, high in vitamins A & E, gentle on sensitive skin, reduces sun damage                                                                                                     – Coconut Oil: moisturizes, anti-aging, lauric acid, great for treating skin problems, lathers                                                                                                  – Palm Oil (I use eco-friendly): high in vitamin E, antioxidants & carotenoids                                                                                                                           – Rice Bran Oil: no oil beats the levels of vitamin E in this oil, high in antioxidants, UV blocker                                                                                           – Castor Oil: silky, reduces scars making it great for both acne and wrinkles, a miracle oil!                                                                                                    – Shea Butter: tones the skin, protects and revitalizes, penetrates deeply, restores elasticity

Felted with the most luxurious alpaca wool blend from North Star Alpacas to create a natural scrubber that is so soft, you won’t even feel like you’re exfoliating. Felted soaps last for a very extended time as long as they don’t sit in a pool of water (just like other handmade soaps). The wool shrinks with the soap for a while, later becoming a nice little wash cloth you can keep forever.

Great Custom Gift Idea For Men

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I love this Custom Home Illistration Gift idea for the man in your life. I live in the country and every six to nine months a guy will pull up in our driveway with an ariel photograph of our home. The picture is great and would make a great gift for your family, however it always comes with a steep price tag. This custom home illistration is a great alternate gift from the pricey door to door ariel print.

I know that my husband and I put a lot of love and care into maintaining our country home. So why not show your husband, dad or father in law that you recognize his efforts and hard work this holiday season by giving him a custom designed modern illustration of your family home. To place your order, you will need to pick a color, and send a photo into the seller and a custom illustration will be created for you. You will get to choose one custom color,   you can add a Street Address or any other text you prefer and all you have to do is send your picture in a message to the seller. What a great gift!

Cotton Heart Shaped Leaf Pendant Printed With Your Photograph

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This is such an amazing unique find. This is a Cotton Heart Shaped Leaf Pendant that has been printed with your photograph. Amazing work comes from the seller and creator of this stunning work. This sterling silver necklace with a handmade heart shaped leaf pendant made of cotton printed with your photograph.  This is a great gift to give your wife on your anniversary, or her birthday. Thes seller will put the wrapped necklace gift in a beautiful box.  This is a great way to keep your special  memories close to your heart.

The Cotton Heart Shaped Leaf Pendant measures:  pendant: 5 x 5,5 cm (2 x 2.2 inches), The necklace size: 45 cm (17.7 inches). This is so neat, if you are looking for a different size you can contact the seller and she will give you the information about all the possibilities. I would give this as a gift to my grandmother, with a picture of her and Papa on their wedding day. This would also make a great gift to give to bridesmaids, with a picture of the bridesmaid and the bride in it.  Give this as a gift to a new mom with a picture of her new family on it. So many possibilities. This is such a beautiful necklace, I love the textured look as well as the overall finished product. What would you have printed on this pendant?