Cozy Perches for Curious Cats

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Get that kitty of the computer keyboard! This Desktop Cat Seat gives cats a comfortable place to rest on the desk that’s out of the way, yet still only an arm’s length from a scratch on the belly.

Designed for cat owners who work in a home or small office, this indispensable item maintains that all-important distance between paws and keyboard, while giving your cat a cozy nesting box that’s still within easy reach of affection.

Air Bed for a Beloved Pet!

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il_430xn55610158Who says you can’t buy a gift for your pet?  This air bed is handmade for pets only. It comes with an inflatable insert, a durable inner canvas cover and a solid color flannel slip cover.

Inner and outer covers are sewn using strong, long lasting 100% polyester and/or heavy duty nylon thread. Slip cover seams/edges (except fleece which does not fray) are surged to create a professional finished appearance and protect against fraying.

$45 @ Esty